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2014 St. Patrick’s Classic and Auburn Amateur Tournaments

Two of my favorite tournaments are the first two big tournaments of the Northern California disc golf season. The St. Patrick’s Classic A-tier and the Auburn Amateur B-tier have me eagerly … Continue reading

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Year in Review

The year of 2013 witnessed big things for disc golf. Record numbers of new players are finding the sport. Record numbers of players are becoming members of the PDGA and … Continue reading

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The evolution of the disc golf tournament series.

Everyone dreams of winning on the PDGA National Tour, playing every event, traveling the country, living the disc golf life. I dream of that anyway. I found the game too … Continue reading

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Sierra Tahoe Series Finale

Tahoe Mountain Sports hosted the final tournament in the Sierra Tahoe Series October 12th and 13th at North Tahoe Regional Park in Tahoe Vista, Ca and there was incredible competition … Continue reading

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Disc Golf Etiquette Part 5: Final Word

Disc golf and the PDGA are at a turning point. It seems obvious from the tone of the survey the PDGA put out after the recent Board elections that the … Continue reading

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Disc Golf Etiquette Part 4: Issuing Warnings

Disc golf and ball golf have in common game parameters, scoring mechanism, and competition formats. We also share the self-regulated nature of a “gentleman’s game,” gentle-person’s game anyway. The players … Continue reading

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Disc Golf Etiquette Part 3: Dogs and Music on the Golf Course

I love dogs. I have a 9 year old Aussie-Retriever mix named Ivan. I have had a dog my whole life except a couple years in college. I also love … Continue reading

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Disc Golf Etiquette Part 2: Practice Rounds and Extra Shots

We have all walked up to our lie and said to ourselves “I should throw a big anhyzer S curve around that tree,” then thought better of it, and taken … Continue reading

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Tee Times and Ghost Groups

My favorite format for a disc golf tournaments is Tee Times with one round a day for three or four days. For competitive reasons, a tournament should be at least three rounds long, … Continue reading

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Playing Tahoe Vista

I’ve lived in California for 3 years and have spent most of my free time playing as much disc golf as life allows and playing as many courses as my … Continue reading

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