Pure Hyzer Productions

PHP’s Coverage of Hangman’s Heave

Pure Hyzer Productions‘ coverage of the final round of Hangman’s Heave in Penn Valley, Ca. August 16th.


Please enjoy Pure Hyzer Productions second release from Hanging Oaks Disc Golf Course in Penn Valley, Ca. Paavo is joined by Pro Shaun Long for the commentary of this fun North Valley Series Tournament.

Paavo and Shaun do a really good job showing this course’s unique style. The video really captures the incredibly tight lines off the tee pad that are a signature of this course.

I enjoyed the commentary from one of the pros on the final card. It is not often you get to hear what was going on during a tournament from one of the professional competitor’s perspective.

Personally, this was the first time Penn did not crush me and I was able to throw a 941 and 946 round. Erased some bad memories from the NorCal finals a few years ago.

Enjoy this video and keep an eye out for coverage of the Mama Bears Event.


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