2013 Tournament and Event Schedule

Patrick1Part of my stated goals for 2013 is more consistency and more interaction with readers 0f the blog.  To that end, I thought I would post a schedule, have some business cards for the blog, and stamped mini’s to hand out when I see behaviors that support the cause of creating a more respected disc-golf community.

Dates are estimations until confirmed by TDs or the PDGA website.

2013 Schedule:

My move up to the MA1 Advanced Division has been tough in some respects and great in others. I continue to have really good rounds – tied for 5th after a 991 rated 1st round at the Auburn Open. I have found myself struggling in the second round for several reasons. I feel my fitness is not good enough to keep up that level of effort. I also think I am stumbling against the expectations my first rounds are setting. I have improved in the 3rd round of every Advanced event I have played despite the courses usually getting longer and harder. I have also found my putting confidence starts high and then degrades as an event goes on. Practice, practice, practice. I’ve started an intensive exercise routine and am considering a half marathon in November.

The season is wrapping up and I am feeling pretty good about how it progressed. Despite my hernia surgery a year ago, I am a better golfer than I was last year. I have a solid Backhand that gets me birdies; I don’t play around it anymore. I have become comfortable in the Advanced division and I have regular articles posted on the PDGA newsletter. I still need to get the business cards and minis stamped to support my efforts of professionalizing disc golf. More to do but feeling pretty good. DBFree Disc Golf coming to your neighborhood.


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  1. Hey Justin
    I was updating my schedule for the 2013 season which Im using google calendar for and it seems to me that the first ice bowl in the area is in rocklin on the 5th. I could be wrong but i wanted to make sure we both have updated data.
    Nathan VR

    • Thanks Nathan.
      I just checked and I’m off that Saturday even though I didn’t request it in time. Hopefully we will run into one another at the event.

  2. Great stuff I actually refined my edicute rules based on your thoughts on the matter , and love what you say about playing threw

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