Disc Golf Tournament

Brooktrails Fundraiser Tournament

Crossing the bridge to the first green.There has been a recent trend of ball golf courses adding disc golf holes in order to help keep smaller locally owned courses open. This is the best possible situation for the growth of disc golf.

I often discuss the positive aspects of ball golf courses and clubs. I don’t see any reason why we can’t go to manicured courses with clubhouses and pro-shops. There are several ways disc golf is superior to ball golf and there are many ways disc golf can help ball golf.

Our courses do not require the heavy maintenance that ball golf courses require. Our courses are more environmentally sound than ball golf courses. The water expenditure and the possible run off of chemicals make ball golf courses more dangerous to the environment. It also makes them far more costly to maintain.

Look at that fairway.

Look at that fairway.

Disc golf does pose a risk to the environment, mainly due to erosion and littler. But ball golf poses those threats and more. The partnership of disc golf and ball golf can provide to each sport the exact thing they each crave most.

Disc golfers can learn some of the etiquette and respectability that comes with playing on pay to play courses. Ball golfers can learn to relax a little.

I recently saw a very funny commercial with PGA pros talking about wearing shorts on the golf course. Ball golfers want the slightly more relaxed environment that we enjoy.

Ball golfers also want their courses to stay open despite the increasing numbers of course closures. We as disc golfers want to expand the public interest in the sport and to play on courses where there are beverage carts.

View from the tee on 17. Can you see the basket between the trees?

View from the tee on 17. Can you see the basket between the trees?

To that end, I joined some golf buddies at the Brooktrails Fundraiser Tournament. The tournament was held at the Brooktrails Golf Course in Willits, Ca. where the local disc golf clubs are hoping to convince the owners that a permanent disc golf course will boost attendance, generate funds, and create a community that relies on their course.

The course is spectacular. Situated under the Redwood Canopy the temperature is easily 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding area. The holes are long and challenging then tight and exciting. There is an incredible mix of shots with a couple genuine par 4s – and a couple that maybe could be par 4s.

The view from the basket on 17.

The view from the basket on 17.

There are several highly elevated tee pads. Greens and the gorgeous creek are all out of bounds. We are in California so we play the 2 meter rule. There is almost always some shade to be had and the beverage cart came by often.

My play wasn’t particularly impressive. I was challenged by the slight elevation change and the distance of many of the holes. Mostly, the battle for my disc golf soul is in full swing with the forehand fighting with my backhand to stay my main shot.

This course definitely challenged every shot I had. I threw several escape rollers and even an emergency overhead shot. My putting game was better than I thought it would be and I scored more birdies than expected.

Thanks to Michael Bennet for working to have the course installed and organizing the event. Thanks to Derrick Robbings for organizing support and Levi Fagundes for keeping it professional. Check the web for the weekly schedule. This is a must play course if you are in the area.

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