Pay-to-Play Courses

What are the best things about disc golf?  Why did I choose this over baseball, cycling, or bowling?  First among the many reasons is that I like to compete, mentally and physically, preferably outdoors.  I like to measure my performance.  I like that I always seem to grow […]


I got my new issue of Discgolfer magazine in the other day – something I always look forward to.    I mainly use it as a resource to improve my game, get ideas about strategy, and to analyze the growing disc golf community.  Disc golf has grown dramatically in […]


I decided that a blog about disc golf etiquette that was required to use “douche bag” over and over again was counter-productive so I have shifted to DBFreeDiscGolf. There was a whole lot of sarcasm built into some nick-names my friends and I had in Flagstaff where I […]