Disc Golf Etiquette

Can’t Be Afraid of Change

Miller, El Capitan, and I

Team DBFree at Shady Oaks 2012

Lots of things are changing for me and DB Free Disc Golf; I need some help keeping up the momentum. A number of people have helped me get this started and keep it going so from one of my biggest supporters, contributors, and friends Armando Lopez Jr., El Capitan, #45792:

Change is sometimes difficult to deal with especially when it comes to any technical sport such as disc golf. It often disrupts your rhythm and flow. It can make you change your approach which can be awkward or uncomfortable. For example, the wind picks up so instead of your preferred anhyzer you must throw a really over-stable hyzer.

But sometimes change is needed when things are just not going your way. Your putting is not on mark so you change your stance. You keep flipping your driver so you move to something more stable. Yet, those are the little changes we can make easily. We are frequently prepared to make this type of change but what about changing every disc in your bag and starting over? Yeah that’s what I did.

I recently stepped away from the brand I’ve always reached for (Innova) and gravitated to a newer brand not often seen: Vibram. This isn’t about brand recognition. Unlike so many pros who have changed sponsorship recently to one of the many new manufacturers out there, I cleared my bag except for two discs (Innova Firebird & Latitude 64 XXX) and proceeded to re-invent my game once again.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day Mondo

My game had hit a low point. I was losing my drive to play. My scoring was not where it had been. I was getting discouraged to the point where I thought about giving it up for a while. Then I bought a Vibram Lace after playing my worst tournament to date and saw that change was needed in order for me to get back to where I expected to be.

With a little help from my birthday, I was able to convert over to Vibram but that’s where the easy portion ended. Since Vibram’s line up is currently limited, I’ve had to re-learn or replace several of my go to shots. No longer can I reach for my Sidewinder for a long turnover shot. No longer can I crank a forehand with my over stable Destroyer. Everything has become more fluid, more of a finesse game. And so far, it’s been working out.

Change doesn’t have to be scary or seldom. You should always be trying to evolve your game. Work on being a better putter in the wind or learn that thumber you see your buddy doing. Inquire about new shots or even new equipment. If you’re in a slump, change something. It doesn’t need to be as drastic as my change but maybe switch out a driver or try that new putter you were eyeing in the pro shop. Regardless of where your game is, it can always be better and better won’t happen without a little (or big) change.

Happy golfing!


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