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A Super Fun Surprise Saturday at Golden Gate

Joe's monster birdie at Golden GateI had one of the best days off yesterday.  I usually talk a lot about where disc golf needs to go and what we need to do to get it there.  Today I just want to write something really fast about how awesome a day I had yesterday.  And really, awesome days are why we play this sport.

I got up at 4:30 and was on the road by 5.  Two hours later I was standing on the first tee at one of my favorite courses ever – Golden Gate in San Francisco.  It could easily be my favorite if I could play it more often.  This day, my buddy Joe and I played an un-scored round and did some catching-up.

Joe set up this site for me and we always talk about the progress of the blog, about our wives and work, about or plans and frustrations.  All the while, throwing some plastic at a beautifully green, really well maintained course.  The course looked great and you can tell the club takes a lot of pride in their golf course.

For the first time Joe had more birdies than me; I wasn’t keeping score as I was talking too much but we couldn’t help notice that difference.  I don’t do product reviews but Joe loves the Aerobie discs.  He frequently throws the Epic from the tee and usually throws the Arrow for his approaches and long putts.  If Aerobie is looking for a casual golfer to sponsor, Joe is that guy.  He has always loved their company’s products and really likes their discs on the golf course.

I remember when he bought a couple of these disc at a local shop in the Sacramento area.  The attendant bad mouthed his purchase – as he is well known for doing.  He should look at the picture above and keep in mind that Joe hit a 100+ feet birdie with his Arrow on a basket elevated 15 feet on a pedestal.  Joe always runs at the basket and is frequently successful from distance.

We finished the round and then met a friend of his Kris, who lent me his mountain bike for the day.  We took our bikes up to China Camp north of the bay and I did the first 10 mile mountain bike single track ride of my life that was actually on a mountain.  It was a lot different than the single track a had done in Florida.

Courtesy of Bay Area Mountain Bike Rides at bayarearides.com

Obviously, I got my butt kicked.  I am sore all over.  I lost a few pounds.  I feel great.  We dropped the bike off afterwards and Kris’ wife made us lunch.  He lent me his bike and made me food and gave me beer.  So generous.  We hung out on his porch and talked about my love of disc golf and his love of Widespread Panic.

While I don’t usually go for jam bands, I would love to see a show with him and Joe as long as we play a round in the morning.  Maybe I can get Kris to look for courses near the WSP shows he goes to – of which it seems he has seen a hundred.

We chatted some more then headed back to Oakland.  I took a shower and then went and had some sushi with Joe and his wife Libby.  An hour later, I was on the road headed back to Sacramento.  There wasn’t even any traffic.  I was home to my wife by 7pm.  We watched a movie, talked about my golf and her gardening, and then went to bed.

Hopefully one day I can help Kris and his wife have an equally good day.  Hopefully he will find this post and know how good a day he helped me have.  I’ve had a lot of good days, many of them on the course and many of them with good friends so its hard to say but yesterday may have been the best day ever.

Good luck to Colin who is playing the Feather River Open in Oroville and to Armando who is playing the CSUMB doubles event today.  Maybe they will have as good a day as I did yesterday.


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  1. Epic, epic day. I couldn’t have asked for anything better myself. It’s on those kind of days that you have to just admit, “damn, sometimes life is beautiful.”

    Thanks for capturing that.

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