Disc Golf Etiquette


Practice StepsThe local disc golf club is at the core of disc golf culture.  The variety of our courses and course locations are at the core of our culture.  We can play anywhere.  Guys are putting up urban courses with temp baskets.  I’ve played in several blizzards and downpours, several during sanctioned events.

An easy step we could take towards respectability would be to set up a system of standards for clubs and courses that wouldn’t endanger our individuality, just like we do events.  Ideally, it would be managed by the PDGA.  I think the PDGA sanctioned leagues are the first of these steps.  These standards would not need to dictate the types or locations of courses.  They would dictate certain quality standards and community relations requirements.

Clubs could be required to document their management structure designating certain roles such as treasurer, president, community relations.   I also like the idea that each club is responsible for developing “Ambassadors” of disc golf.  Develop these golfers into individuals that can go out into the community and create support for our events and clubs.   We need to endear ourselves to the communities we play in and youth always works, particularly when polite.

Course endorsement could be given using a ranking system such as 1 – 4 stars.  4 star courses would be clearly marked, well maintained courses with a variety of quality holes and a high level of community buy-in.  Such a course  could have rubber pads if they were well maintained, or no pads at all if clearly defined.  It could be on a glacier or in a ditch.  Creating standards for play – like the PGA is doing with anchoring clubs – being clear about those standards and then enforcing the standards is all we need to do to be successful.

A couple personal notes.  Congratulations to Armando and Rachelle on the birth of their first child Evi – gonna be another quality Lopez golfer I’m sure.  Thanks to Innova Disc Golf for following me on Twitter.  I like to think someone checked me out and made a decision to follow me though it is more likely they have an intern following anyone who follows them.  Either way, Innova is following me!  Thanks to recent poster Nathan for helping me update my Tournament Schedule.

This week’s question is about a situation I was in last year at the St. Patrick’s tournament in Orangevale:  My disc landed near an OB line.  I felt there was an argument that the disc was in-bounds.  1 other golfer arrived and claimed it was OB and picked up the disc to demonstrate the mark under it before the other 2 golfers in our group arrived.  I decided to play it OB but later realized his interference probably made the lie In-bounds.  I should have at least taken a provisional.  However, the provisional would have been from the same exact place I took my legal OB throw from so how long after the round could have I gathered my 4-some together with the TD and assert that I didn’t have to take the penalty stroke?  Before the next round?  At any point before official scores submitted? Only before our cards were turned in?


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