Disc Golf Etiquette

NorCal Championships 2012


The last tournament of the Northern California Disc golf season was last weekend, October 20th and 21st, at Grass Valley and Penn Valley.  This was a far larger event than the previous weekend with 190 players split into two fields.  The courses were packed but the weather was perfect.  80 degrees in the sun with very little breeze made for a very comfortable A-tier tournament – no trouble wearing the required collared shirt for this event.

Team Off-Axis did very well, except for Marc, who had to skip the third round due to a nagging elbow injury.  We were disappointed he couldn’t finish but he was with us in spirit as we mocked him at every opportunity and remembered to be “Miller-Smooth.”  Armando and Sean both made top ten in a solid, back-and-forth battle that lasted all weekend with Armando pulling just ahead with a 970 final round.

I had two decent rounds and one really bad round – the only bad one at Penn Valley.  Lots of folks had a bad second round on Saturday.  I’ve been trying to figure out what happened and there really isn’t anything I can point to.  Lots of little things just didn’t quite go my way and I let it turn into an entire round that just didn’t quite go my way.  The guys in my group gave me some space while I was in a weird funk for 3 hours; just missed cashing by one place.  While the rest of the team waited for pay-outs, I played a round at Penn Valley, felt great, and scored well.

All the thinking about my performance during the last two events helped me decide to create a statement of goals with a plan to achieve them during the off season.  Next weeks post will be this statement, my schedule for completion, and a rough schedule of topics for the blog.  A big focus will be fitness, putting, and consistency concerning the blog.

No trouble during the event.  Once I had to correct a players score and once I had to correct a large mis-scoring on my card.  Both situations were handled courteously and professionally.

I did witness a really good, young, advanced player get called for a falling putt and then watched that player fall apart for a few holes.  I saw the putt – he was under a branch on a knee and without question fell forward and placed his hand on the ground forward of the marker prior to the disc coming to rest in the basket.  He made the putt initially but missed the second.

I saw him struggle with the call and struggle with his focus for a few holes afterwards.  I heard through the grapevine, and a post on the NorCal Series Facebook page, that the young man was unhappy with the call and took it personally.  This was the only unfortunate aspect of the situation.  It was called appropriately, the player dealt with the situation as well as he could and moved on.  Too bad the young man had to make it negative by complaining to the TD and posting it on social media.

He should have stated his case then taken the second putt – hopefully making it so there was no issue – and called it a provisional.  He could have made his case that it was not a falling putt with the TD, in a professional manner, with the rest of his group present, before signing his card and come to a gentlemanly understanding.  This is how the situation should have been handled, if he disagreed with the call,  according to my understanding of the rules.  Anyone know any better or any different? Instead the player was acusatory and unprofessional.

Keep an eye out for my “manifesto,” let me know your opinion on the above situation, and remember:

“Don’t be the douche bag on the course today.”


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  1. Well here is my two cents on this topic. He should have taken a provisional and kept two scores until he had a chance to plea his case to the TD or…. he should have just banged his putt on the second try!
    Sounds to me that the young man needs to learn the rules and retain his composure. Bitching to other people or social media just makes you a whiner and you give the impression that you’re a sore loser.
    Funny because I had a similar situation with a player on my card which ultimately ended up with me apologizing because his panties were in a bunch and he couldn’t get over the fact that I called him on a rule that is clearly stated within the rulebook. Some people just don’t want to come to terms that the way they play the game is, technically, against the rules (during tournaments).
    And so the struggle to bring our sport to a more professional level continues.
    On a lighter note, half of Team Off Axis will be present at the 2012 San Francisco Safari. The Young Stud and Captain Underpants will be looking to take top spots but just who will it be? The battle continues…

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