Disc Golf Etiquette

Tru Line Customs Tour Finale


I competed in the Tru Line Customs 2012 Tour Finale October 13th and 14th.  It could not have been a better weekend for golf.  The event was held in Grass Valley and Penn Valley, California.  The weather was perfect; I barely broke a sweat the entire weekend.  The Tru Line Tour was new this year so the finale was not very full.  It was also held at the same time as a Tahoe Series event just an hour away in North Tahoe.

Tru Line events are nicely run by Bruce Hinson.  I like his events because they are no nonsense.  They tend to start on time and while he does provide putting contests, side events, food, and merchandise to purchase he is always willing to help you get on your way if needed.  I really like that he pays out in credit for merchandise so you can pick discs that you might actually use instead of another Roc that has been at the bottom of the TD’s closet.

The limited field was split between two course so we played three- or four-somes; very little waiting on great wooded courses.  My backhand continued to help me out on tight fairway drives and my putting practice seemed to pay off.  I hit a 40 foot putt after a 300+ foot backhand drive with a beat-up max weight Beast.

There was only one problem – on several occasions non-tournament players tried to crash the course despite it being posted as closed.  Mostly we were met with courteous regret as golfers realized they couldn’t play on such a gorgeous day – and who could blame them.

Unfortunately, a group of very loud and rude locals approached my group on hole 12 at Condon Park in Grass Valley with no consideration for what was going on.  Once informed that the course was closed, the rudest golfer started cussing about playing the course and that he didn’t care that it was closed – he payed taxes, it was his course too.  Had the event been fuller it would have been less of a problem.  I was later told that Condon has that problem – rude local disc-golfers.  They are exactly why I started this blog.

Biggest problem was that I let it get to me.  I totally choked on that round throwing an 877 rated round.  My other two rounds were in the 940’s.  Things like this are going to happen.  We didn’t even care if they stayed and played but they were so disrespectful of the quiet on the tee that we couldn’t proceed.
The lesson is not that there are DBs on the course.  The lesson is that no matter how many or how bad the DBs are it is still your game to play.  Maintain focus.  Think calmly.  Play your game and don’t let them get to you like it did me that round.
Next week is the recap of the NorCal Championships and the week after is my recap of the 2012 season and my statement of goals for the 2013 season.  Enjoy the off-season and remember:

Don’t be the Douche Bag on the course today.


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