Disc Golf Etiquette

“You Sir are definately not a douche bag!”

Sorry I have been gone for a few weeks.

8 weeks ago I had an incisional hernia surgery and it really set back my golf game, though it did provide enough time to get this blog started.  I have finally been able to get out there and throw some plastic again.  Man do I still need to learn how to putt.  I had hoped I would come back with a monster arm and sniper like skills with the putter.  The arm is rested but all touch has been robbed from my game by my injury so my approach and short game is seriously hurting.
So this is just a refresher post now that I have gotten back on the course.  A friend of mine found the attached photo – courtesy of  Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow on 7/13/12 – and I agreed that it is exactly what we are fighting against.  There would never be ball golf tools and supplies sold at an adult bookstore/head-shop.  Many of us have looked for ways to make disc golf a career.  Our love for the game and the community drives us to try and find ways for it to be a larger part of our lives.  Believe me, I get it.  This blog is evidence of that.  Selling your products next to glass pipes and porno is not the answer.

I would also like to mention an article I read about a man who stopped disc golfing in a tournament to save another man’s life.  An elderly spectator collapsed from what I believe was a heart problem.  An EMT trained golfer who happened to be in the event stopped and performed CPR until the paramedics arrived.  The spectator survived.  This guy gets a big thanks and the inaugural award,  “You Sir are definitely not a douche bag!”
I really wanted to pair these two stories together.  One is the perfect demonstration of the kindness and generosity that I see everyday on the disc golf course.  The other is an example of the misdirection our love of the game can take when we aren’t considering the public image of our sport.

I can’t seem to find this article anywhere now and Google searches are not working.  I would love to find the gentleman’s name and give him some recognition if anyone can reply with some more information.

Some of the up-coming topics include music on the course, the etiquette of playing through, golf-carts and their responsible use, collared shirts and B.O.

Thanks for reading and remember, don’t be the douche bag on the course today.


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  1. Well said sir. I was hoping you would ride again! (write*) That pic speaks volumes to what this sport is fighting to get away from. Unfortunately it only takes one person to derail the efforts of the many. The perfect example is Tiger. One screw up and golf became a joke. Now that he is back (divorced and doing what he always does) the sport is better for it.
    I looking forward to reading about the collared shirts and BO. BO is one of the leading causes of missed putts in disc golf… it’s true… check your facts.


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