Disc Golf Etiquette

Extra Shots.

I am working on my backhand drives, as I am a natural forehand driver.  The first several rounds I played I threw back-hand like everyone else but thought it was about how hard I could throw.  Big surprise I hurt my shoulder.  When I picked it up again, I discovered that I was much better at the forehand.  Unlike many people, it didn’t cause me any pain or discomfort – I think because I had a great forehand tennis shot when I was younger.

I have since learned that the ceiling for the forehand shot is much lower than for the backhand and have begun to develop that aspect of my game.  This has required a good bit of practice and study as it does not come as naturally to me.  Eventually I had to start working it into my game.  One thing I do, when conditions allow, is to throw two simultaneous rounds, one forehand and one backhand, taking two drives from the tee and playing both lies and keeping two separate round scores.

This leads me to the topic of this post – taking extra shots on the course.  We have all been behind the group that is taking multiple putts at the basket, extra drives from the tee.  Sometimes it is because players are disgusted with their initial shot, sometimes because the golfers are working on something new, or maybe the group has decided to play with a mulligan or two during the round – though I personally hate the idea of mulligans in any scored round.  Most often it seems to be because the golfers are being douche bags.

There are appropriate ways and times for extra shots on the golf course.  Here is a general rule for taking extra shots on the course so that you don’t show your ass:

Never, ever take an extra throw if there are people waiting.

 I tried to come up with other rules but this one seems to cover it.  Even if you are taking a mulligan, which I have never really seen douche bag offenders do, the one shot you take would not cause the back-ups I’ve seen.  I hate to see guys on the tee cursing a group for three or four extra putts a hole.  Going back to the point of etiquette on the golf course – extra shots on the golf course can negatively impact the enjoyment of the sport by other parties if done without discretion and etiquette.  This is simple yet I see it almost every day.  Next post will be about dogs on the golf course and please remember:

ImageDon’t be the douche bag on the course today.


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  1. Short, sweet and to the point. Though I don’t ever mind the obligatory second putt after you doink it off the cage, the second (or third) drive when I’m standing right there is very annoying. Your rule pretty much sums up how to avoid being a douche bag.

  2. What I realize with some much of your great advice is that it comes down to common sense and decency. It’s about being away of the people around you, and acting as you would want others to act. I always try to look around to see if I’m holding folks up by taking an extra shot. As a newbie, I do try to take as many throws as I can. I just also try not to hold up other players. That’s what I’d hope they’d do for me.

  3. I think you are both right and my guess is you have never held up another group by taking extra shots. There are practice rounds, scored rounds, tournament rounds, and party rounds. Knowing what kind of round you are in and what the current environment is like is the key to playing like a lady or gentleman.

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